Evmos RPC Cluster

Learn all about Blockdaemon's High Availability Evmos RPC Cluster.

As part of Blockdaemon’s commitment to Evmos, we have created a public access, High Availability Evmos RPC Cluster (HA RPC). This provides a scalable and reliable way to interact with Evmos without the need to run your own nodes.

The Blockdaemon HA RPC is a perfect solution for those with unpredictable transaction throughput. The virtually limitless scalability avoids the need to ramp up/down quickly.


The HA RPC Cluster can be accessed via the following endpoints:

Supported Methods

A full list of supported JSON-RPC methods can be found in the Evmos Developer Documentation

WebSockets Connections

The Blockdaemon HA cluster can also be used for WebSockets connections:

  • wss://tendermint.bd.evmos.org:26657/websocket