DYDX Protocol Info

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In this section, you'll find key specifics related to dYdX, including staking, bonding, slashing risk, rewards distribution, and more:

Minimum Staking Amount1 DYDX.
Bonding Time-
Unboding Time30 days.
Slashing RiskThere are risks involved for stakers. Staked DYDX may be slashed as a result of a shortfall event. Slashing occurs at the discretion of DYDX governance and requires a governance vote to enact.
Staking Rewards DistributionYou earn rewards proportional to your fees paid divided by the total fees paid by all traders during that epoch.
Staking Rewards CompoundStaking rewards are compounded automatically.
Inflation RateThe perpetual inflation rate is fixed at a maximum of 2% per year.

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