[OLD] Deposit an ETH Validator With WalletConnect

Step-by-step guide to depositing an ETH validator using WalletConnect within your Blockdaemon Staking Plans.

You can use a wallet connected via WalletConnect to deposit a new ETH Validator within your Blockdaemon Staking Plans.

The steps on how to deposit an ETH Validator with WalletConnect are mentioned below:

  1. Go to Protocols in the Blockdaemon app.
  1. Click on Stake from the Ethereum option.
  1. Click on Start Staking from the Staking type.
  1. Click on Connect to connect with your wallet.
  1. Choose Network from the available options. In this case, we use Goerli.
  1. Connect your wallet with your preferred options. In this case, we use Metamask.



If you do not see your desired wallet, click All Wallets.

  1. After the wallet is connected, select the Staking Plan.
  1. Select the number of validators you would like to purchase. Each validator is equal to 32 ETH.
  2. Enter your Withdrawal Credentials.
  1. Click Stake to proceed.
  1. Check and confirm withdrawal credentials, as you cannot change these later. Click Confirm and Purchase Validators.
  1. Confirm the transaction in your wallet. We use Metamask in this example.
  1. Wait for confirmation. Congratulations, you have successfully deposited a new ETH validator.

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