Staking API (2024-01-08)

🚀 We're starting the year with some improvements:

  • [All] Ensured all intent objects have protocol or network and client_id in the response schemas.
  • [Ethereum] Added support for the Ethereum Holešky network in the Staking Integration API.
  • [Polkadot] Fixed an issue where Polkadot deactivation intent responses were missing the amount and deactivationType fields.
  • [NEAR]
    • Fixed an error message for new customers who have not staked, preventing them from creating any withdrawal intents.
    • Fixed response when requesting customer deactivation on the POST/deactivation-intents endpoint.
    • Fixed invalid network response on GET/withdrawable-amount endpoint.
  • [Cosmos] Fixed the response when a customer has no deactivation and restake intents.
  • [Solana] Fixed the issue where the Customer ID was returned blank for the stake-intent endpoint.